There are many talented authors in the neighbourhood who have written books on all sorts of subjects. This eclectic list includes:-

Faye Bird

My Second Life

What I Couldn't Tell You?

Lil Chase

Boys for Beginners

Secrets, Lies and Locker 62

Lara's Secret

Abby's Shadow

Obi's Secret

Kevin Clarke

Off Beam Off Side Off Menu

Harald J Copenhagen

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Sherard Cowper-Coles

Cables from Kabul

Ever the Diplomat

Robin Duval

Bear in the Woods

Below the Thunder

Not Single Spies

Sue Elliott

The Children who Fought Hitler

Love Child

Britain's Greatest Generation

Richard Fawkes

Don Bouciault

The Classical Music Map of Britain

Christine Eborall

Stitch-up in Ealing

Alex Gerlis

The Best of our Spies

The Swiss Spy

Vienna Spies

Daphne Gloag

A Compression of Distances


Giles Goodland


The Dumb Messengers

Anne Harvey

Remembering Christmas

Party Pieces

Like Sorrow or a Tune

Veronica Heley

False Money

False Picture

Murder by Mistake

Murder in Mind

Mahmud Kianush

Through the Window of the Taj Mahal

The Songs of Man

The Amber Shell of Self

Jennifer C. Kelsey

A Voice of Discontent

Changing the Rules

Rory Kilalea


Sean Magee

Desert Island Discs

Jeffrey Pack

The Enigma of 13 Sandown Road: a Botanical Mystery

Love is the Air

This House

Ian D Richardson

The Mortal Maze

George Szlachetko

Wira of Warsaw

David Young

Stasi Child