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As a non-essential retailer, sadly, we are unable to welcome customers into the shop from Thursday 5th November. However, we are able to offer a collection and delivery service. Whatever it is that you need, please contact us by 'phone, email or social media. Orders can be collected at the front door of the shop during our normal opening hours (detailed below), or we can arrange to deliver to your home. We can also arrange to send books to friends and family who live outside the area. We have a portable credit card machine and can bring that to the front door of the shop, or you are welcome to call us and we can take a payment over the 'phone.

Just let us know what is best for you, and we will do our very best to help.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 9:30am to 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:30am to 4:30pm


Contact details

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 020 8991 8131

Facebook: @ThePitshangerBookshop

Instagram: pitshanger_bookshop


Thank you for your support

Book of the Week

Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake

Image for Entangled Life : How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them. Neither plant nor animal, they are found throughout the earth, the air and our bodies. They can be microscopic, yet also account for the largest organisms ever recorded. They enabled the first life on land, can survive unprotected in space and thrive amidst nuclear radiation. In fact, nearly all life relies in some way on fungi. These endlessly surprising organisms have no brain but can solve problems and manipulate animal behaviour with devastating precision. In giving us bread, alcohol and life-saving medicines, fungi have shaped human history, and their psychedelic properties have recently been shown to alleviate a number of mental illnesses. Their ability to digest plastic, explosives, pesticides and crude oil is being harnessed in break-through technologies, and the discovery that they connect plants in underground networks, the 'Wood Wide Web', is transforming the way we understand ecosystems. Yet over ninety percent of their species remain undocumented. Entangled Life is a mind-altering journey into a spectacular and neglected world, and shows that fungi provide a key to understanding both the planet on which we live, and life itself.

Book at Bedtime

Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter

Image for Grief Is the Thing with Feathers


In a London flat, two young boys face the unbearable sadness of their mother's sudden death. Their father, a Ted Hughes scholar and scruffy romantic, imagines a future of well-meaning visitors and emptiness. In this moment of despair they are visited by Crow - antagonist, trickster, healer, babysitter. This sentimental bird is drawn to the grieving family and threatens to stay until they no longer need him. This extraordinary debut, full of unexpected humour and emotional truth, marks the arrival of a thrilling and significant new talent.

These are the books that were most popular with our customers last week......

Image for The Ickabog

1. The Ickabog by J K Rowling

2. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

3. Sapiens: A Graphic History by Yuval Noah Harari

4. A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier

5. The Confession by Jessie Burton

6. Kay's Anatomy by Adam Kay

7. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

8. The Lost Spells by Robert Macfarlane

9. Trio by William Boyd

10. Fire of Joy by Clive James

If you would like to read any of these books, please send us a message from our contacts page, and we will reserve a copy for you.

Privacy Statement

The Pitshanger Bookshop is an independent bookshop. 

We are committed to using any information you give us in a responsible manner.

As a visitor to our website you cannot be identified by us. If you contact us to order a book that we do not carry in stock we ask for your name and a telephone number or email address.

We use this information only to contact you when the book is ready for collection. Your data is used for no other purpose and is never shared with any other organisation.

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